You Can’t Take a Vacation from Sleep Apnea from HuffPuost

Traveling with your therapy equipment – a few tips from Dr. Ojile’s HuffPost Blog

Be sure to bring the prescription for your CPAP device with you.

CPAP machines do not count as one of your carry-on items for airline travel because they are considered medical devices under the Americans with Disabilities Act, so feel free to bring your device with you into the plane cabin.

Before packing your device, empty the humidifier tub of any water.

If you have an overnight flight you’ll want to make pre-flight arrangements with the airline; you’ll need to receive clearance to use your device during the flight and you’ll want to be sure that you are seated near a power source.

Using a CPAP device every night is important for the health and well-being of those with sleep apnea. Forgoing your CPAP machine while away from home will not only deprive you of a good night’s sleep, it is not the best choice for your health. 

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