Why do I Pull Off my CPAP Mask in Sleep?

“Doc, I put the CPAP mask on every night, but wake up with the mask on the bed. I don’t remember pulling it off,” frustrated patients often share with me.

In my experience, nasal obstruction is the commonest cause of such occurrences. Studies have indeed shown that avoiding allergen exposure, and using nasal steroid spray at bedtime help keep the nasal passages open.

For such patients, we first do allergy skin testing followed by an intensive allergen avoidance education. We prescribe allergy medications like Zyrtec (Cetirizine) at bedtime along with fluticasone nasal spray to be used 2 sprays each nostril prior to putting the CPAP mask on.

If you still suffer from nasal obstruction, adding singular (montelukast) tablet as a maintenance medicine can help. Allergy shots (injecting measured dosage of allergens in your skin on a weekly basis) can alleviate your allergy symptoms and the need for allergy medicines.

Talk to your doctor about these interventions and follow them. Be patient and persistent. Put on the CPAP mask every night and ultimately, one day, you shall wake with the mask on your face as opposed to your bed!

Best wishes.

Sleep Well, Lead Well.

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