Want to Improve CPAP Use? Team Up with a Buddy – a Study

Poor adherence to the primary treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea—continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)—therapy is common, with 29% to 93% of patients being non-adherent to therapy when adherence is defined as greater than 4 hours of CPAP use per night.

A study of 39 patients by Dr Parthasarathy et al. (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine – Volume 09-06) showed that partnering with an experienced CPAP user (peer buddy system) can improve the compliance significantly.

Participants in this study improved CPAP adherence by an hour or two each night when they teamed up with a buddy, who listened to them, understood their concerns, provided suggestions to solve their issues, and encouraged them to use CPAP every night. So, ask your doctor or equipment provider about such a support group, and be an active member of that group. Find a CPAP buddy, keep on using CPAP, and then later be a buddy for a new user.

Thank you for using CPAP. Sleep Well, Lead Well. God bless you.