Why Should I Choose TeleVisit?

Telemedicine is a safe, convenient, and effective way to see a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea patients are particularly well-suited to be served by TeleVisit. You can get the same excellent, comprehensive, and compassionate care without risking a drive to the clinic. We can take a detailed sleep history, medical history, order a home sleep test, order a CPAP machine, get you the best fitting mask or cannula, and review your CPAP compliance for apnea-hypopnea and air leaks. In fact, you can get better care as we can see your bedroom, your sleeping environment, and your CPAP machine. These are a few reasons why your Dream Team at the Sneeze & Snooze Clinic actively promotes TeleVisit for all sleep apnea patients; both new and follow-up.

Please call 574-534-9911 to make an appointment.

To learn more watch this 5 minute discussion between Dr. Patel and Jackie Sharpley of WSBT.

TeleVisit is Better than Traditional Visit

Traditional Clinic VisitTeleVisit
Detailed HistoryYesYes
Sleep Focused Physical ExamYesYes
Explaining Sleep StudyYesYes
Explaining CPAP dataYesYes
Sleep Hygiene InstructionsYesYes
CPAP Supplies RecommendationYesYes
Calling in PrescriptionYesYes
Insurance CoverageYesYes,
Always Check with
Your Insurance
Driving to the ClinicYesNo
Time Off from WorkYesNo,
Evening Appt.
Needing Childcare YesNo

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