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Traveling with CPAP

I'm traveling, now what?

If you find yourself traveling and you’re thinking of carrying your standard CPAP gear with you, is this the best choice?

Well, honestly no.

We’re not going to lecture you on doing you, because I believe fully that if you are comfortable with your gear than bring it, just remember that your home gear should be considered essential and should be kept safe, we all know our home machines can run a lot of money and that is one reason I suggest against it.

How about travel CPAPs?

Travel CPAPs are known to be more affordable than standard CPAP machines, and while being more affordable they are more portable.

Do I sacrifice sound with a portable CPAP machine?

The short answer is no not really, we live in a modern day where innovation in the CPAP world really has evolved. Sound is really not an issue anymore, whereas accessories are not as hard to come by anymore either.


I can't justify buying a CPAP just for traveling...

I fully understand and get this statement as it’s very true – we may only need to travel once in a weekend for one time out of the  year and can’t really justify spending all that money.

The good news is, there is an answer! CPAP batteries!

I like to pitch this idea because you never know about the security of where you are staying, what if you lose power? What if you are camping?

I recommend our CPAP / BiPAP battery because it hosts a standard wall outlet and can charge a variety of other devices along side keeping your CPAP on.

Transcend Portable CPAP

transcend 3 portable cpap machine


CPAP / BiPAP Battery


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