The #CPAP Tube Choked Me! |

“I do not thrash around in bed much, doc. This is the reason I was surprised and startled when the hose got tangled around my neck and choked me hard enough to cause a bout of coughing. It scared my wife too in the middle of the night.”

John, a thin tall man in his early 60s, is a sleep apnea patient, who wore his CPAP every night, even when traveling. He was one my first patients when we started the medical practice several decades ago.

Until this point, I had not used the hose suspension system in my patients. This episode highlighted the importance of such a system to avoid such problem. We started offering the hose suspension system from Hose Buddy to our patients starting with John.

The picture above is from our waiting room in Mishawaka. The triangular base is placed between the box spring and the top mattress. The hose is secured with the velcros supplied with the system. The picture shows the optional hose cover, which our patients use to prevent condensation. They also like the looks of the hose cover.  You can order the hose cover by clicking here.

The system is easy to set up. It is adjustable in height and width. 

John loves using it. It also prevents condensation from trickling down to the mask and the mouth.

Take a look and  order the Hose Suspension System it here.

Blessings for sound sleep and a joyous life.