Starting CPAP Therapy? You Should See a Sleep Specialist – a Study.

A recent study published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine looked at various cues that the CPAP users found important from treatment initiation and adherence standpoint.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common sleep
disorder for which continuous positive airway pressure
(CPAP) therapy is the standard treatment for most patients with
moderate to severe disease. Although this treatment is effective
in reducing airway obstruction to nonclinical levels, CPAP
acceptance (commencement) and adherence is suboptimal.

In this study by The University of Queensland, Australia, 63 adult patients diagnosed with OSA who had never tried CPAP were asked at 1 month as to why they started and persisted with CPAP use.

My sleep physician said that I should

My sleep physician was worried about my OSA

I was worried about the health consequences of my sleep problem

I was so tired all of the time

I was worried about my heart

Partner encouraged me to start using CPAP

My partner couldn’t sleep because of my snoring

I was worried that I would have a car accident

These findings suggest that patients rate advice from
health professionals (specifically their sleep physician) as very
important in their decision to commence on CPAP.

More than 80% of patients indicated that sleep physician-prompting to use
CPAP and a perception of sleep-physician concern regarding
the patient’s OSA were crucial cues to commence on CPAP.

The study suggests that a clear communication by the health professional is vital to patients in supporting treatment uptake.

In summary, consulting a sleep physician regarding your sleep apnea treatment will help your CPAP initiation and adherence. Hence, pick up the phone, make an appointment and talk to your sleep physician.

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