Snuggle-Hose 6 foot soft tubing cover.


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We had a patient, who refused to use CPAP as the tubing reminded him of a long ICU stay he had endured after a near-fatal motor vehicular accident. He had severe sleep apnea. On further questioning, we learned that the CPAP tubing reminded him of the ventilator tubing in the ICU.

The solution was simple. We designed this polyester hose cover to dress his tubing up. He is happily using his CPAP now! On his first follow-up visit, he asked for a hose with his favorite Notre Dame logo! We are working on that!

This hose cover also prevents water condensation inside the tube by preventing the contact of heated air in the tube with the cooler ambient air.

It also helps avoid skin irritation from the tubing rubbing against the skin.

This 6 feet hose cover slides over the CPAP tubing and it fastens with hook and loop closures.

Thanks. Sleep Well.

Please use CPAP even when napping or traveling.


– Dr. Patel

This product is available without a prescription in multiple colors.

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Pink, Teal, Sky Blue, Gray


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