CPAP Tube cleaning brush (2nd generation) Cleans the Inside of Heated and Non-heated Tubing


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Product Features

The CPAP Tube Brush Second Gen is a great accessory used to clean the inside of a CPAP hose. Keeping the inside of a hose clean eliminates the worry of mold or algae growth. The addition of stainless steel and hose size options makes it more durable and compatible.

To use, insert the brush end of the stem into the CPAP hose and gently scrub the inside liner as the brush is worked back out. 

The addition of stainless steel prolongs the life of the CPAP Tube Brush Second Gen. Stainless steel means no worry of the stem rusting after use in a moist hose. The stem is 18/8 stainless steel, meaning it has a 18% chromium composition, making it durable and unable to rust.

The second generation Tube Brush adds two size options, both are 5 feet in length:

  • 19mm
  • 15mm

 The 19mm brush is for use with standard or “22mm” hoses. Although these hoses have a cuff diameter of 22mm, the inner diameter of these hoses is 19mm, making this brush the correct option.


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