Dreamwear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear

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Respironics Dreamwear Gel Pillow mask is a Nasal Pillow variation of their popular Dreamwear Nasal Cushion Mask.
Provides the ultimate comfort.

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Respironics Dreamwear Gel Pillow mask is a Nasal Pillow variation of their popular Dreamwear Nasal Cushion Mask. This Hybrid version of the Dreamwear mask offers many benefits of both nasal and pillow masks giving them the best of both mask types. This allows the patient to experience more freedom of movement and comfort to the point where they don’t feel like they’re wearing a mask at all!

Manufactured by Respironics

Key Features

Gel & Nasal Pillows – This mask features both a Gel Nasal Pillow with a Cushion design & a regular Nasal Cushion that can be easily switched between.

In-Frame Airflow – The Dreamwear features a hollow frame design that allows air to flow through the frame of the mask to help patients sleep comfortably.

Open Field of Vision – The Dreamwear’s design lets the patient still be able to wear glasses, read a book, or watch tv.

Silicone Frame & Wraps – The frame designed with a soft, light, flexible material meant for comfort; also included with this mask are fabric frames meant to maximize comfort.

Top of Head Connection – This Mask features a connection at the top of the head to the tubing with a swivel elbow to help provide freedom of movement throughout the night.


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4 reviews for Dreamwear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear

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  1. Dean Douglas

    only issue is with the strap around head, its located too high on back of head and slips off easily on the back of .

    • Misty Reynolds

      Sorry to hear this Dean. They have designed a new headgear for the DreamWear Nasal/Gel mask. It is called the DreamWear Elbow headgear. I hope this helps with any future issues. MistyR/CMA

    • Misty Reynolds

      Hi Dean. Thank you for the feed back. You may want to try the new elbow headgear for the DreamWear Gel/Nasal mask.

  2. Jo Ellen Piasecki

    These nose pillows are very comfortable and fit well. I would tell anyone to give them a try.
    I have been very happy using the nose pillows.

    • Misty Reynolds

      Thanks Jo Ellen. I am glad you are enjoying them. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Larry Regina

    The Dreamwear head gear are very comfortable and fit great!

    • Misty Reynolds

      Larry, glad to hear the mask is working out for you. Please call with any questions or concerns. Sleep Well.

  4. Jim H.

    I was waking up with dry mouth. I switched from a full face mask to this one and the dry mouth is not bothering as much. I do use a chin strap to keep my mouth shut. Thanks for suggesting that, Jenni.

    • Yatin Patel (store manager)

      Happy to hear that, Jim. I will let Jenni know. Happy Holidays to you and yours. – Doc

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