Swift Fx Nasal Pillow Mask w/ Headgear for Her


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Manufactured by ResMed

The ResMed Swift FX for Her delivers all the comfort of our groundbreaking Swift FX nasal pillows mask in a design created especially for women. With its petite size, gentle fit and the low level of facial coverage, the Swift FX for Her accommodates a female’s slightly smaller facial contours. Offered in a stylish pink color, it’s also light, soft and streamlined, allowing you to look and feel more like yourself.


Key features

  1. Style. The pink backstrap lets you personalize your mask to suit you.
  2. Size. Packed with XS, S and M pillows sizes to better fit female users. The length of the backstrap on the headgear is also shorter than the standard Swift FX for women’s unique needs.
  3. Comfort. Soft wraps enhance comfort at the cheeks. Available in grey and pink.
  4. Dynamic. Intuitive, virtually instant fitting; stable performance, even at high pressures.
  5. Simple. Exceptional softness, simplicity and stability. Flexible, fluid design conforms to your facial contours and movement.


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