Simplus Full Face Mask w/ Headgear – Soft on Cheeks. No Irritation. No Air Leak.


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Forty percent of our patients, who breathe through the mouth, choose this full face mask. This product requires a prescription but the assembly kit + the headgear do not. 

Minimalistic Design

The Simplus is made of 3 main parts: Frame, Headgear, and Cushion. Having minimal components provides a mask that is easy to adjust while in use, or maintain when it is not. Simplicity is at the heart of the Simplus and the lightweight design enhances sleep comfort.

Forehead Stability Bar

Instead of a bulky forehead piece found on other masks, the Simplus uses a slim forehead stability bar which acts as an anchor for the cushion’s seal. The stability bar helps the cushion better keep an adequate seal by allowing the cushion to move enough to adapt as positions change during the night, but provides enough support to help prevent movement of the cushion that would cause a complete break in the seal.

Lightweight Frame with Easy Clip

The frame of the Simplus is notably straightforward but remains effective. The “Easy-Clip”, which is a single clip to lock the cushion, makes it a cinch to separate the mask for cleaning. The ball and joint elbow move freely to accommodate active sleepers. Any size Simplus cushion can be used with the Simplus frame.

ErgoForm Breathable Headgear

The headgear for the Simplus is comfortable and allows for movement. The breathable headgear adjusts using the Velcro tabs and removes easily using the headgear clips. In order to promote stability while adapting to change, sections of the headgear stretch while some stay in place. The Simplus headgear accommodates the need for different sizing with two sizes: Small and Medium/Large. A Small Simplus is packaged with Small headgear. A Medium or Large Simplus comes packaged with Medium/Large Headgear. To offer a wide range of adjustment, there are 5 points on the headgear that can be changed: on both headgear clips, on either side of the forehead support, and on the top buckle.

Simple Cushion with RollFit Seal

As the name suggests, the RollFit Seal rolls on the nose and allows the cushion to shift but still maintain a seal. This feature results in less stress on the bridge of the nose. A one-click design makes for easy removal and placement of the cushion on the mask. There are three sizes of cushion available: Small, Medium and Large. If a different size is needed, no need to order a whole new mask, a replacement cushion in the new size can be ordered and placed on the existing frame.

The small mask comes with a small headgear; Medium and Large come with Medium/Large headgear.




Tips from Our Certified Medical Assistants

It takes only three steps to fit the Simplus the first time:

  1. With one headgear clip locked on to the frame, place the cushion over the nose and mouth and slide the headgear over the head.
  2. Lock in the second headgear clip.
  3. Adjust the headgear straps from top to bottom, starting with the top buckle and working down to the headgear clip straps.

Headgear Size: The Simplus Headgear is available in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large. The size Small mask comes packaged with the Small headgear. The Medium and Large sizes come packaged with the Medium/Large headgear.

Cushion Note: The cushion of the Simplus is attached to an acrylic shell and they cannot be separated from each other. This is meant to be permanently attached for easier assembly. Any size Simplus Cushion can be used with the Simplus Frame.

Where do I find the size?
The mask frame does not have an identifiable size because it offers a universal fit to each of the Simplus Full Face Mask cushions.

The size of the cushion can be found on either side of the full face cushion. Hold the mask with the elbow facing the user. Then, turn the mask to the left or right to view the profile of the full face cushion. Near the middle of the cushion, the user will see a clear, embossed letter imprinted into an indention beginning at the bridge of the nose. The letter represents the size of the full face cushion.


Additional information

Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 in

Small, Medium, Large

2 reviews for Simplus Full Face Mask w/ Headgear – Soft on Cheeks. No Irritation. No Air Leak.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fits like a glove! This one took care of air leaks and pressure mark on my cheeks. Finally something I can sleep with.

    • Yatin Patel

      Delighted to hear that. Have a blessed new year. Call our CMA if there is a problem. – Doc

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was having irritation on my nose and cheek bones. Your medical assistant suggested I try this one as it has a thicker cushion in those areas. It worked! It took care of the irritation and also got rid of the air leak. I will highly recommend this to anyone who wants a full mask.

    • Yatin Patel

      Glad to hear that. If the irritation or the air leak comes back, talk to our CMA. Best. – Doc

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