Hypochlorous CPAP Spray 32 Oz – Twice the Size – Twice the Strength


Clean Stronger. Clean Smarter.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is nature’s safe and effective cleaner. Our patients have been using HOCL spray 0.018% for years to clean their CPAP and CPAP supplies. Working with our staff and our patients, we developed this HOCL spray that is significantly stronger at 0.046%. It is safe for CPAP, CPAP supplies, and the environment as it breaks down to normal saline.

Wipe the surface clean. Spray liberally. Wipe it clean again after 60 seconds.

Twice the Size
16 oz
32 oz

Twice the Strength

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Hypochlorous Acid – Nature’s Miracle Cleaner

  • Hypochlorous acid, a weak acid similar to a mild citrus juice.
  • It is made by the white blood cells in all mammals for healing and protection.
  • It is a powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • It is used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation.



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