Seven Benefits of PAP Nap Room at Snooze Clinic

My wife and I visited the campus of Williams’ Brothers in Washington, IN to learn how we can serve our patients better. Williams brothers run their family business in a compassionate, caring, and efficient manner. Julie, their CPAP specialist, a pleasant young lady in her 30s gave us a 2-hour long tour of their flawless operation.

“Let me walk you both to the parking lot,” she said at the end of the trip. As we were walking through the large building, I noticed a room with a bed and stopped Julie, and asked her about the room.

“We do all our CPAP set-ups in this room!” she proudly announced. Wow! So simple and yet so helpful to the patients. We, like most providers, were setting CPAP up with patient sitting upright in the chair. How can one get an accurate idea of how the mask or the nasal cannula is going to feel when sleeping in bed?

Connie, our medical assistant, ordered a bed, mattress, bed covers, and other supplies from Amazon the very next Monday. Abbee assembled it right away in the examination room closest to the supplies room at our Goshen office, and the Nap Room was all set.

“Doc, we did out first CPAP set-up today,” Connie called me excitedly when I was in our Mishawaka location. “He was euphoric. He told us he is just going to lay down, but won’t sleep with the CPAP on. Well, we had to wake him up after half an hour, Doc!”

So, here, are the benefits of the Nap Room.

  1. You can try the small mask or even smaller nasal cannula and lie down and see how it feels before taking it home.
  2. You can also see if the PAPillow, the pillow with a cut-out to accommodate the mask or the cannula to minimize the air leak, feels right.
  3. The interface may fit well sitting in the chair, but does it fit well when you toss and turn? You can learn that in the PAP Nap room.
  4. The nap also allows you to check the Hose Suspension system to see if you need that or just want to use the headboard of the bed. This suspension system is very helpful especially if you toss and turn a lot. It prevents you from getting tangled up.
  5. The PAP Nap also allows you to see how the humidifier and the control panel work.
  6. The nap helps you gain the confidence that the CPAP, the tube, and the nasal interface works well. It reduces the anxiety associated with CPAP initiation.
  7. The Nap Room also comes in handy during the follow-up visit if you are having difficulties with persistent snoring, apnea, or an air leak.

Well, we are excited about our Nap Room. Check it out when you visit us either in Goshen or in Mishawaka.

Sleep Well, Live Well.