Dr. Patel in Media

Since 1994, Dr. Patel has been on a mission to educate people of the importance of sound sleep in living a long and healthy life. Here, are few of his appearances on television and social media.

Tiredness and Sleepiness
Less REM sleep means less energy
The Power of Power Naps
Dr. Patel is seen answering questions from the viewers during his appearance on the show Ask an Expert on PBS.
Dr. Patel is discussing how to get more REM sleep on a symposium hosted by IU Health Goshen.
LED Lighting a growing industry, but brights lights could be causing health problems
Blog Process Interview with Yatin J Patel, Author, Speaker, Board-certified Pulmonologist, and Sleep Physician
Dr. Patel speaks about sound sleep and executive function at VVN USA Alumni Reunion.

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