Limit Teens’ Screen Time for Better Sleep & More Alertness – A Study

A study published in Sep 2019 issue of the Journal Sleep showed that sleep and next day alertness improve if teens abstain from using their electronic devices after 9 pm. 

Using actigraphy and daily questionnaires in a large sample of students (12 to 19 years old), researchers assessed screen time in the evening and sleep habits over 1 month. This included a 2 week baseline phase, followed by a 40 min sleep education workshop and a 2 week interventional phase, in which participants were asked to stop using screen devices after 9 pm during school nights. During the interventional phase, they found that the reduction of screen time after 9 pm correlated with earlier sleep onset time and increased total sleep duration. The latter led to improved daytime vigilance. These findings provide evidence that restricting screen use in the evening represents a valid and promising approach for improving sleep duration in adolescents, with potential implications for daytime functioning and health.

Please try to convince your teens to limit their screen time before bedtime.