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Launching Doc’s Book – CPAP is Sexy

Launching Doc’s Book – CPAP is Sexy

Untreated obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of sexual dysfunction, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, diabetes, weight gain, drowsy driving, and early death. 

The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the preferred treatment recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, but it can be difficult to get used to sleeping with CPAP. This book explains why and how you should use your CPAP. It further explains how you can use sleep hygiene and the AEI Model of Supreme Life to get the most out of your sleep. 

What are the benefits of CPAP? What are my other options? Which machine should I use? Should I choose a mask or a cannula? I suffer from claustrophobia, can I still use CPAP? I am overly anxious about using CPAP, what should I do? I sleep on my stomach, will that be a problem? What should I do for dry mouth despite using the humidifier? Should I buy a travel CPAP? My skin gets irritated from the mask. I get tangled up with the hose. The air leaks in my eyes. My nose gets plugged up. I swallow air when I use CPAP. I drool in my sleep. Should I use CPAP when napping? Will the noise keep my spouse awake? I still feel sleepy despite using CPAP. What are the good sleep habits? What should I do if I can’t get enough sleep on CPAP? The book answers these questions and more to help you get used to CPAP. 

The tips discussed in this book have helped my patients over last twenty-five years. I am sure this book will help you wake up every morning with lasting energy, enthusiasm, vigor, and vitality. It will further help you leverage alertness to maximize your emotions and information using the revolutionary AEI Model of Supreme Alertness. 

Sleep. Love. Repeat.

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