Keeping your CPAP Clean is Sexy. It’s a moto you should really live by. CPAP is Sexy is one of our taglines, but how is Cleaning your CPAP and Gear Sexy?

The short answer, being healthy is sexy.

We promote staying clean as a way to bring a healthier and happier life. Living with CPAP doesn’t need to be hard. Regulating cleaning is vital.


Why should I clean my CPAP?

You should clean your CPAP because:

  • Better hygiene lets you sleep comfortably
  • Reduce illness and infection chances
  • Having clean water reduces chance for bacteria build up in your CPAP
  • Reducing acne from wearing CPAP
  • You don’t have to sleep in sweat.

Routing cleaning of your CPAP promotes your sexiness because it will feel like you smell good, sleep better, and even look better.

I don’t like wearing my CPAP therefore I do not clean it.

Fair point, but truth be told even if you don’t like wearing your CPAP Gear, or using your CPAP you should still be cleaning it. Cleaning as stated above is the best way to live a routine healthy life. Even if you don’t like your CPAP chances are it’s helping you a lot – even in discomfort.


What can I use to clean my CPAP?

You can use a ton of different options. At the Snooze Clinic we suggest the following:

  • SnoozeClean Ozone Cleaner
  • Snooze Clinic CPAP Spray (even cleansmart)
  • Snooze Clinic CPAP Wipes
  • Lumin CPAP cleaner, and the bullet
  • SoClean 2

You have many of options to clean your CPAP gear, its important to do research on each. Note that ozone cleaners leave a smell, some like it as it reminds them that their gear is clean, others hate it because of the smell.

My vote is on the Lumin CPAP Cleaner.
The Lumin is a great way to not only clean your gear, but it can clean everyday items using UV lighting, it is 100% safe and only takes five minutes to clean your CPAP gear. The Lumin Bullet is great to pair because it can clean your hose.

Long story short, cleaning your gear is SEXY.