I Sleep with my Face Buried in Pillow. Can I Still Use #CPAP?

We get that question often. “I sleep on stomach with face buried in a pillow. How can I use CPAP?” I reassure them that we do have quite a few patients, who use CPAP religiously despite their habit of sleeping prone.

We also remind them that the CPAP masks and cannula are stiff enough that the weight of your head will not cause collapse and obstruction to airflow. Most patients do however prefer a nasal cannula as opposed to a mask as the later can be difficult to sleep with the face down.

Our patients find this Nuance interface easy to sleep face down.

You may also find the ResMed interface shown below comfortable.

Air Fit P10 can also work even if you sleep face down in the pillow.

The latest addition to this family of nasal interfaces is the new Dreamwear – the softest, lightest, and the most comfortable interface from Phillips Respironics. The nasal cushion does not go inside the nose nor does it go over the nose. It just sits comfortably underneath the nose. Our patients have loved it ever since it came out in September 2016.

These interfaces work the best provided you do not have nasal allergies leading to nasal obstruction, in which case allergy skin testing followed by allergen avoidance, allergy medication, and allergy shots can help.

What if I breathe through the mouth? Well, we can prescribe a chin strap to keep your mouth closed during sleep.

Please do not let your sleep position scare you from getting treated for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Untreated sleep apnea increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, drowsy driving, and sudden death.

Sleep Well, Live Well.