Drive Alert This Weekend and Beyond

Here, are a few tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road this weekend and beyond.

1. Get a good night’s sleep every night, certainly prior to the long trip.

2. Avoid driving between mid-night and 7 am as our brain is sleepiest during these hours.

3. Be extra careful driving around mid-afternoon.

4. Share driving responsibility.

5. Take a break every 2 hours.

6. Take a 10-15 minute nap before you become sleepy.

7. Enjoy a strong cup of coffee in anticipation of drowsiness.

8. If you have untreated sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, or any other sleep disorder, let someone else drive.

9. Resist distractions. Don’t play with your Smartphone or MP3 player.

10. If your thoughts become dreamy or lose touch with reality, pull over right away, or you shall die.

11. Do not drive drunk. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40 percent of the 397 deaths from car accidents nationally were alcohol-related.

Please share freely and save a life.