A 13-year-Old CPAP Machine Still Works & Looks Fabulous!

A man in his 70s brought this 13-year-old CPAP machine to his follow-up visit at the Clinic and it looked great. Even better, it works well too. I offered him a newer, quieter, self-titrating CPAP, but he declined, “If the old car is working, why buy a new one?” 

Besides teaching me the values of simple living and high thinking, he also taught me persistence and commitment, as he had never a missed a day in 13 years. He has used this CPAP every single night of the 13 years.

His maintenance routine is impeccable too. He gets his filters changed every month. He washes his tubings, mask, and the water chamber regularly and religiously. 

As I was leaving the exam room, he reminded, “Please send the reports to my family doc, my heart doc, my endocrine doc, and my VA doc!” There was a lesson for all of us on keeping our healthcare team informed.

I also learned how durable and well-made these CPAPs are. As my mentor, Dr. Robert Stone, an 80-year-old family doc who still sees patients, told me once about patients, “If you take care of them, they will take care of you.” 

I can say the same things about these CPAP machines!