April 2016

The #CPAP Tube Choked Me! | SnoozeClinic.com

The #CPAP Tube Choked Me! | SnoozeClinic.com “I do not thrash around in bed much, doc. This is the reason I was surprised and startled when the hose got tangled around my neck and choked me hard enough to cause a bout of coughing. It scared my wife too in the middle of the night.” […]

​“The Air Leak Irritates My Eyes.” #CPAP #AirLeak

​“The Air Leak Irritates My Eyes.” #CPAP #AirLeak Today in our clinic, a sleep apnea patient in his 40s, a welder, complained that he wakes up with red eyes because of the air leaking into his eyes. The commonest cause of this is a poorly fitting nasal mask. If the mask is too big and reaches […]

Sleepy Joe Hauls Gasoline | #Apnea #CPAP

Sleepy Joe Hauls Gasoline | #Apnea #CPAP “I’m going to punch that blabbermouth in his mouth,” Joe shared his frustration with his wife Sandy as he threw his 400 lbs body in his favorite lazy chair. He was referring to his childhood buddy, Bill, who had called him “Sleepy Joe” at their usual VFW gathering […]